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Ebolavirus & Marburgvirus Global Outbreak Maps

These maps put a perspective on worldwide effects of Ebolavirus and Marburgvirus by nation. Known outbreaks to date have originated in central and west Africa; other countries have been affected through indirect routes (e.g., import of humans, or of non-human primates, that were infected in other countries). In some cases, such incidents have been followed by active viral transmission within the human population.

The maps show overlapping categories of infection, from primary zoonoses (greatest color intensity), to laboratory-accident infections (least color intensity). For countries with multiple categories (e.g., a country with primary zoonosis and human-to-human transmission), the most intense color is used. The Marburgvirus map contains an inset (lower right) showing current boundaries for the countries affected by the 1967 simultaneous outbreaks in Marburg (Germany) and Belgrade (Serbia). The approximate position of this insert are shown as a quadrangle on the main map. Data were taken from references below, as of February 2015.

For maps of Filovirus sequence distributions, see Filovirus Geography Search.


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