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Analysis & Detection of APOBEC-induced Hypermutation

Purpose: To document the nature and context of nucleotide substitutions in a sequence population relative to a reference sequence. See details below. For a simple "quick and dirty" scan for hypermutants, try the QC Tool.

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  Note: Sequences must be aligned, in-frame if possible, and of equal length.
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Hypermut 2.0 Customized Options
These options apply only to Hypermut 2.0 analysis, and have no effect on the Original Hypermut output. For typical analyses of APOBEC-induced hypermutation in HIV, these options should be left in their default settings.

Customize Hypermut pattern:

On reference sequence
On both sequences
On query sequence
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Analyses to perform: Both   Original Hypermut   Hypermut 2.0     

Details: The first sequence in the input alignment will be used as the reference sequence, and each of the other sequences will be used as a query sequence. Please choose the reference sequence carefully. For example, for an intrapatient set, the reference should probably be the most common form in the first sampled time point; for a set of unrelated sequences, the reference should probably be the consensus sequence for the appropriate subtype. Before using, please read:


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