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HFV Ebola sequence database


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Purpose: Use coordinate positions to obtain desired region(s) from our premade alignments, or from your own alignment. Multiple regions are concatenated into a single alignment. Details and help files below.

Alignment LANL database alignment   user alignment

LANL alignment options
Alignment type filoviruses (Ebola/Marburg/Cueva viruses)
Sequence type nucleotide   amino acid
icon Positions of interest
(Residues of ref seq)
[Sample Input]

icon Display wide output yes no
icon Calculate frequency by position and show logos    cut-off % icon
icon Remove residues from logos consensus of alignment consensus of seq group
residues of 1st seq of alignment residues of 1st seq of seq group
show all
icon Mark potential N-linked glycosylation sites yes no      (for proteins only)


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