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Rainbow Tree

Purpose: To create a color-coded phylogenetic tree. See details below.

Input tree
Paste your tree file
in Newick format

[Sample Input]
Or upload Newick tree file

Color tree according to
first character(s) in sequence names
the column in field of sequence names delimited by
paste or upload grouped sequence names (example) icon

Assign colors default icon user-specified
Specify outgroup icon

Advanced options
Tree title
Branch thickness
Tip labels

 Show label:
categories full sequence names no label symbols icon

 Label style (in radial tree):
axial horizontal

Legend  Style:
vertical horizontal no legend     put legend in a separate page

 Show legend at:
top left top top right
left center right
bottom left bottom bottom right
Color interior edges icon
Show node labels icon
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Details: This tool groups sequences based on sequence names, and draws a color-coded tree using up to 20 colors. It is useful when you already have a tree and want to color its branches to depict particular groupings of sequences. For example, the Sample Input with default settings depicts the HIV-1 M-group reference phylogeny color-coded by subtype.

For more information, see Rainbow Tree Explanation.

Download stand-alone R script:

References: This tool was developed by Peter Hraber and Hyejin Yoon, using APE in R, as described in:

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